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"Customer Service is a 10/10"
Michael V.
I had an emergency as my molar started giving me the worst pain of my life. The office squeezed me in for an early morning appt. I ended up just getting all four of my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Daneshgar. I wasn't covered here under Delta's HMO plan but the office made it work out in the end. It has only been 24 hours and my cheeks are not swollen and I have almost no pain (on normal ibuprofin not even using a narcotic). I am already eating very soft foods pretty comfortably. The staff had an amazing work ethic, was very knowledgeable, and had an overall friendly vibe. Customer service here is 10/10. Also, the office is really nice, modern, and clean. Thank you so much guys
"It's the Pinnacle of Oral Surgery"
Janice M.
I have been a patient of Dr. Daenshgar for over 6 years. Because of a mouth injury 20 years ago, I have had 4 implants over the years. Many times Dr. Daneshgar has dissuaded me from premature or unnecessary treatment. I consult with him frequently. Everyone in the office has always been accomodating and empathetic. They also have tremendous skill. The feeling when leaving the office is that you have visited a sanctuary where the pinnacle of an oral surgery practice has been attained. This has happened every time for me. I am so grateful that the best is available, it is affordably priced and I found them.
"Dr. Daneshgar is a Magician"
Amir N.
Dr. Daneshgar is truly a magician, I had 3 wisdom teeth removed by him about a year ago but forgot to leave a review. I was very nervous since everyone said its going to very painful after. After the surgery I woke up and felt normal and no pain, even the next day there was no pain. The doctor told me to take Advil instead of the strong pain killers he prescribed if I didn't have any pain. So I just took advil even though I had no pain just to be cautious. He really is a great doctor, I highly recommend him. But expect to wait a while as I had to wait an extra 2 hours after my scheduled time for surgery since they were very busy but after how the surgery turned out, the 2 hours of wait time was worth it.
"OCR Will Do Your Mouth and Dental Work Right"
Terry S.
Dr. Lo and his team are great professionals and will do your mouth and dental work right! It is always a stressful and fearful thing having this kind of work done and the professionals here are the kind of team that I want and need when that is happening to me. Their location on Wilshire Boulevard right in the cultural heart of LA is excellent. There is plenty of parking but they're also write on the major transit Corredor Boulevard which will soon have the purple line metro stop nearby also. By the way, they have the most comfortable dental recliners that I have ever sat in or experienced. Truly amazing.
"The Best Family Dentist"
Carolyn K.
Dr. Daneshgar has been our family dentist for many years and he is THE BEST!! His office and his staff are amazing. He is so kind patient, thorough talented knowledgeable and everything more. I am so lucky to have found him. I got my wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Daneshgar and he did such an amazing job. It was quick and painless. I had zero swelling. He prepped me so well before and after. My entire family is so lucky too, we all were his patients and he was so great. We all love him and his work so much. I wish there were more doctors like him in the world! THE BEST!
"Nice, Educated, and Supportive Staff"
Claudia C.
Dr. Shaun was a great surgeon, I barely had any pain after he removed three of my wisdom tooth, one of them was impacted and I had a lot of pain days before. All of the people at his office were very nice, educated and just very supportive, especially before the surgery because I was very nervous. Dr. Shaun told me to get general anesthesia, which was a great idea, because I had no trauma from being awake and seeing the process. :)

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