Ridge Augmentation

A ridge augmentation is a common dental procedure that is performed after a tooth extraction and involves recreating the natural structure of the gums and jaw that may have experienced bone loss from the tooth extraction.

The alveolar ridge is the bone that surrounds the teeth and supports them. Once a tooth is removed, there is an empty socket that is left in the alveolar ridge. The empty socket typically heals on its own; however, sometimes the bone that surrounds the socket may break as well, resulting in it not being able to heal on its own. 

While rebuilding the height and width of the alveolar ridge is not necessary, it may be required for patients receiving dental implants or other aesthetic purposes. The reason why a ridge augmentation may be necessary for dental implants is because they require bone to support their structure. With a ridge augmentation, this can help rebuild the bone to support the implant. 

How is Ridge Augmentation Performed?

A ridge augmentation is performed by adding bone graft material in the tooth socket. This is typically done right after the tooth is removed to avoid having to receive a second procedure later. Once that is done, the gum tissue is placed over the socket and sealed with sutures. After the socket has healed, the ridge can be prepared for a dental implant. A ridge augmentation is usually performed under local anesthesia; however, some patients may request a sedative medication as well. 

Why is a Ridge Augmentation Important?

A ridge augmentation is important because the alveolar ridge is necessary to support a dental implant and helps the overall bone structure. The alveolar ridge is the foundation and a significant component to one’s oral health.

After a tooth is lost or extracted, the underlying bone can deteriorate very quickly. Just within 12 months, 25% or so of the bone structure can become resorbed. In just 36 months, the majority of the bone structure can be completely gone. This is why it is best to get dental implants immediately after tooth loss or an extraction. A ride augmentation will give you the support you need in order to receive dental implants for a healthy and beautiful smile. 

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