Many people have anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist, which is why some may opt for dental sedation. There are many different types of dental sedation, which are safe and effective. Because of sedation, it helps many patients feel calm and stress-free when coming to their visit, which ultimately makes it possible for those who are not a fan of the dentist. While we strive to make our patients feel comfortable and at ease, we understand why some have their own concerns. This is why we offer the many different types of sedation, which are general anesthesia, IV sedation, and oral conscious sedation. 

While not all types of sedations make patients actually sleep, some do. It ultimately depends on your preference and the type of procedure that you are getting. By contacting our team, we will be able to explain your options so you feel completely comfortable at your next procedure. 

What is Dental Sedation in Mid-Wilshire?

Dental sedation makes up for a variety of techniques used to help relax a patient before and during a dental procedure. In addition, dental sedation helps patients become more comfortable during longer procedures. While many people have heard of laughing gas, especially when getting crowns or root canals, dental sedation goes far beyond just that. 

It is also important to note that dental sedation is not considered pain management, as your dentist will provide pain management with numbing agents and injections for that. However, if getting numbing injections makes you uncomfortable, we can provide you with dental sedation even before that point. With the many types of sedation, patients don’t always remember the procedure, even if they are awake during it. 

Types of Dentistry Sedation in Los Angeles 

Laughing Gas: Nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, helps patients relax during dental procedures. Patients are conscious when they are taking laughing gas, and it quickly wears off as soon as you stop inhaling it. If a patient only receives laughing gas as a sedative, they are usually able to drive themselves home after the procedure. The effects of laughing gas are mild and once you start breathing it in, you will start to feel it very quickly. With nitrous oxide, patients usually don’t need another form of sedation.

IV Sedation: IV sedation comes in a couple varieties, including “twilight” and general anesthesia. “Twilight” anesthesia is when you are conscious; however, not very aware of your surroundings. It makes you feel sleepy, and oftentimes, patients do not remember the procedure, but you are not unconscious. 

On the other hand, there is general anesthesia, which is typically uncommon in dental sedation. Patients who undergo extensive oral surgery may need general anesthesia. It is important to note that with general anesthesia, you are totally unconscious and this type of sedation will need to take place in a hospital or specialized clinic with an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist present. 

Oral Conscious Sedation: Oral conscious sedation involves the patient to take a prescribed sedative prior to the procedure. Taking the oral sedative depends on the procedure, as some patients may need to take a pill the night before, and one pill before the procedure. Other times, you may need to take it as directed by your doctor or dentist. Oral conscious sedation leaves you awake during the procedure, but keeps you completely relaxed. Typically, those who have anxiety during dental procedures benefit from this sedation tremendously. Patients usually feel little or nothing after the procedure even though they are awake during it. Sometimes patients are hooked up to equipment that monitors their heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing; however, some patients do not require this type of observation.

Contact Our Team For Dental Sedation in Miracle Mile

If you are in need of a dental procedure but are afraid or anxious, we have options for you. Feel free to contact our team to learn more about the types of sedation that we offer. It is important that our patients feel calm and relaxed during their procedure and we will do whatever it takes to safely and effectively accommodate them. Contact us today to learn more about dental sedation in Beverly Hills.

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